Sal Hughes is a professional musician best known for his jazz piano and improvisational skills. You can frequently find him playing at restaurants and venues along the coast of Southern Maine and New Hampshire. In the fall of 2016, at the age of twenty-one, Sal released an album of original music entitled ‘Between Worlds’. As the title suggests, Sal combines influences across many musical landscapes to form a world of sound that is true to his own.  “Jazz has always been my foundation and primary influence, however, it was not simply my goal to write music that could be easily isolated to one kind of style. Creating music is an organic process, and I wanted to allow my ideas to freely develop with the music, instead of feeling as though I had limitations of where the music ought to live. I feel blessed that jazz, in particular, is one of the genres that allows for fusions to freely and personally develop. ”




Continuing to promote his versatile approach to all categories of music, Sal is also an accomplished singer-songwriter. “Good music is good music - old or new - intense or relaxed - or mainstream or reclusive. I am absolutely respectful of purely all music. Anything that is captivating to me.  Anything from Classical to Rap. Some of my personal top musical influences would include: Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Bach, Jerry Goldsmith, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, and  Ed Sheeran.


Photographer: Amanda Jean Kowalski

Sal Hughes © 2019